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not that we’re completely finished unpacking inside, but after the moody weather of last week, who could stay inside on such a gorgeous day. sooooo, we decided that one of the major projects of today would be creating a garden for our quirk recycled pieces i like to call yard jewelry. today was only a start – there’s more yard jewelry to be placed, and we’ll eventually have places to sit and contemplate, well, whatever comes. so, without further ado, allow me to introduce you to the beginning of our yard jewelry gardenbox. or whatever.

the entry, a place to mark the crossover from there to here:


a found-object piece created by a friend i grew up with:


the bottle-tree-chandelier, a gift from mr. thrillenity. it’s not unusual to see bottle trees and bottles turned upside-down and pushed into the ground in the front yard. the idea is that evil spirits are attracted to the pretty colors and soon enough find themselves held captive inside the bottle with no obvious means to exit.


pete, a rescued piece:


what event (read: garden) is complete without music? meet singergirl. (she always dresses impeccably.)


our first:


this fella is tired, not lazy. (and he’s made from melted 5-gallon paint buckets.) (really.):


meet spring chicken and his protege:


and last but not least: the cat and the dog . . . who are just not hitting it off:


stay tuned for more pieces as they find their way into the garden we need a name for.

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  1. Acey on April 15th, 2009 10:36 pm

    this is a lively and entertaining collection. are you getting my emails? a few other people aren’t and it’s making me feel like I must be broadcasting from another dimension …

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