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b.c. (before computers) my system was rolodex cards. those little notched cards were my memory, my vault, my information storage system. i had boxes and boxes and still more boxes of rolodex cards, all neatly and logically arranged in categories – some duplicated for placement in more than one category.

this past weekend we did something most unusual: we sat and watched a movie on television. unable to sit completely still, i sifted through the rolodex cards bearing my favorite quotes, and i was amazed at how many quotes no longer touched me. proof i was somebody else when using my system of rolodex cards, i guess. proof of evolution.

not every card found its way into the recycling bin, but the stack of keypers fell far short of the stack of once was’es.


i’m adding a page of quotes to my blog. let’s pretend i said these things, shall we?

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One Response to “so many different ways to spell my name”

  1. shiborigirl on June 7th, 2009 1:45 pm

    like the quote page- i can live with it.
    will be back to remind myself you said those things-

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