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after an agonizing week of remaining calm and open while trying to find suitable flooring, we found it! thursday we went to the place in franklin, n.c. where we’ve gotten other hardwood flooring only to be told they had discontinued what we were looking for. we considered other options, trekked to the local library to look at their floors, poured over magazines and web sites, then went back to the floor store this morning resigned to getting hickory and walnut when we’d wanted cherry. teresa was there again today, and she excitedly told us that she’d just found a palette of the flooring we were looking for. seems it had been there all along, but they didn’t know it because a single letter had been left off when entering inventory in the computer. AND because they were discontinuing it, we could have it at a ridiculously low price – which, of course, suited us just fine. after a 4.5 hour drive, the flooring has been unloaded and is inside becoming acclimated. just think: by this time next week, we could be sleeping on a real bed in a real bedroom.

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2 Responses to “it all works out . . .”

  1. Acey on February 22nd, 2009 6:24 pm

    yaaaaaay. sometimes once the crazy dies down things really do find their natural order, after all. I would be majorly bummed to think I had to accept a substitute for cherry. Cherry is my favorite. more substantive email pending recuperation from having done a bit too much today. but it was GOOD and I am GLAD.

  2. jeanne, herself on February 22nd, 2009 9:55 pm

    it’s amazing how that happens, isn’t it, acey? sometimes i get all worked up, stomp my foot, that sort of thing, then feel like an absolute fool when everything works out in my favor. this time, i stayed calm (truthfully, only because i’m just too tired to stomp my foot), leaving me room to feel like a dang fool about something else . . .

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