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we finally have internet access (don’t even get me started) (have been trying to become a comcast customer since 1/16/09). things have been moving incredibly, agonizingly slowly (especially for one who functions best in an orderly environment) as we wait on this one then that one. as we run into this roadblock and over this speedbump.

the first big truck with the first big guys came on 1/17. the second big truck with the second set of big guys came on 1/27 – the day mr. thrillenity was (conveniently) sick in bed. (it’s also the 36th anniversary of the day we met.) since then, we have schlepped small stuff over (a scant 8 miles exists between the then house and the now house) one car or truckload at a time. i schlep during the day, and we both schlep at night.

the furnace went out on us, so we had to reschedule Operation Sleep There until we could get prices, compare prices, make a decision, schedule the new install, and get ‘er done. the new furnace was operational on monday, 2/2/09, and we spent the first night there. on the one week anniversary of the new furnace installation, we woke up without heat. it’s fixed now, though – and we hope it stays that way.

there was the delivery of the propane tank (another story for another blog), trespassers, and more, but today, now that we have internet service, i thought i’d show you around our humble abode . . .

this is what you see (now – hopefully not forever) when you open the front door:


this is our dining room – which now serves as storage room, office, and occasionally, a dining room:


here’s our bedroom – with the flooring that was supposed to go down last week. it wasn’t what we ordered or wanted, so the search for suitable flooring continues.


and until we find floors we can live with and reschedule installation, here’s where we actually sleep:


they may look like boxes, but actually they’re our bathroom cabinets (good news, though: i found a great it’s-meant-for-a-dining-room-but-it’ll-look-great-in-our-bathroom0-against-that-very-wall-just-as-soon-as-my-daughter-can-build-it-cause-it’s-from-ikea cabinet:


because we can’t get to our closets with anything even vaguely resembling ease, these serve as our closet for now (and how do you like our bookcases you see against every single wall in the house?):


then last but not least, this is what will one day (hopefully soon) be jeannedom:


so that, my friends, is where and how we are currently living. not only is every day filled to the brim with opportunities to practice patience, every day is an adventure.

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2 Responses to “life in the (chaotically) moving lane”

  1. Acey on February 20th, 2009 9:57 pm

    Wow. Not For Sissies-ville to be sure! This would be a stamina/patience challenge for me and I’m not even orderly. I do love that marble fireplace, your patriotic dining room chairs and the view from jeannedom’s windows. Books everywhere. Yup … must be home …

  2. jeanne on February 20th, 2009 10:06 pm

    leave it to you, acey, to notice all kinds of details;) i have missed you. . .

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