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spent today furniture shopping. we’ve moving, you see – at least i think we’re moving. back in november we found this property that had me saying “ohhhh nooooo” and clutching my heart when we first turned onto the driveway. let me tell you, though: it’s been the most horrendous real estate transaction i’ve ever been a part of – and we have been investing in real estate for 35+ years. there’s another side to the stories of banks-in-distress we are hearing – a side that you haven’t heard about in the media.

but we’ll talk about that later.

the main thing i wanted to tell you is that today i went in search of furniture for the house that we are supposed to be buying tomorrow (nobody – not the seller, the lender, the closing attorneys, the real estate agents, or the pesky little entrepreneurial outfit hired by the seller (a bank) (a big bank whose top 14 executives took golden parachutes to the tune of $49.5 million) has bothered to confirm the closing.

but we’ll talk about that later.

let’s get this straight: WE are the ones bringing the check. THEY are the ones who will divvy up the money to pocket. WE don’t know when or if we are actually going to close in less than 24 hours.

but, hey, we’ll talk about that later.

we don’t need a lot of new furniture, buuuuuuut i did make some just because purchases today when i decided that i didn’t want to take who-we-were-then and try to force it to work in who-we-are-now. our newlywed table we will keep always – it’s the very first piece of furniture hubbie and i purchased together some 36 years ago. (good thing chrome, glass, and black leather go with everything.)

i took my daughter (who has exquisite and flexible taste) to a (somewhat) nearby furniture outlet store and oh, the fun we did have selecting various pieces . . . not a single piece is like another, not a single piece is perfect, and not a single piece is untouched by life.

over the next week, i will be patching places where bumps have exposed the bare wood. i’ll be positioning the new with the old. and in some cases, i will be reconfiguring. (i think i’m going to put a television in our bedroom this time, but i don’t want to look at it all the time. when we couldn’t find a media cabinet that matched the other bedroom furniture, we decided to get this battered media piece, take the top off, and place it on top of a dresser we’d selected, using the media base as storage in the guest room.)

if, however, we don’t close tomorrow, check craigslist. there’ll be some interesting furniture available at a good price . . .

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  1. glennis on January 21st, 2009 12:15 pm

    sounds like an adventure! good luck with the closing! (those rascals!)

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