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tonight at 7:30, i will have been married 35 years – to the SAME fantastical man – and that gives me such fodder for today: commitment; the role of space in togetherness; a place for everything; “like” v “love” – and is it really “v”; what is love anyway; growing together, growing separately, the infrastructure of tenacious relationships . . . i could go on forever. i should write a glowing tribute to my mr. thrillenity – who certainly deserves such – and maybe i will later on.

but right this very, i find myself thinking about how 35 years ago we didn’t have computers that facilitated conversations like this. we had newspapers, but not everybody could pen and publish an article a day, sending it out into the consciousness of who knows who. we had magazines, but that didn’t exactly allow one to write an in-the-moment article, deadlines being what they are and all.

i have just, at the urging of slug, set myself up on twitter. i never had an interest in myspace, preferring to spend the time feathering my physical nest over an online nest. i did set up a facebook account once . . . then deleted it in less than 24 hours.

see, i tend to be a private person. in my family that surely has threads of italian and greek somewhere (i suppose i’m getting close to the age where i’m supposed to research such things, but honestly, i’m hoping a cousin will take up an interest and make copies), i am a veritable recluse. blogs are much more my speed: write it, hit send, then go on about my business. myspace and facebook overwhelm me. (involuntary shudder occurs.)

twitter is designed to send out periodic updates throughout the day about where you are and what you’re doing. i harbor no illusions that anybody really CARES about what i’m doing, thinking, saying, seeing, smelling, sensing, traveling, etc., but in the scant 2 days i’ve been a registered password-carrying tweeter, it holds a rather romantic appeal for me: sending tweets – even thinking about tweeting – grounds me. keeps me conscious, anchors me in the present . . . even if only 140 characters’ worth.

and while i haven’t found anybody other than my son to “follow” (another involuntary shudder occurs, but for reasons i won’t go into right here, right now), i imagine that twitter could be a digital representation of collective consciousness – perhaps even jung’s collective unconscious. reading tweets could digitally track tipping points, a term made popular by malcolm gladwell. a theory i’ve long believed in and actually witnessed a few times.

i’m sure there are other potential uses: tracking someone; throwing someone off track; marketing . . . the list is long. but for now, i’m all wrapped up in my selfishly romantic notion of twittering as a way of slowing down and paying closer attention as i romp through the next 35 years. if you’re interested (or even just remotely curious), you can find me here. and if you decide to twitter, be sure to let me know so i can pay closer attention to what you’re paying closer attention to.

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2 Responses to “togetherness . . . in oh so many ways”

  1. Acey on July 31st, 2008 6:23 pm

    Twitter terrifies me because of the brevity factor. Also, like now. I’m not even “supposed” to be online but something came up and since I was here anyway had to read the blog post. My ears perked up over “throwing someone off track” and then I had involuntarily shuddering of my own. OF COURSE I have compulsively read the twittering and – now that you’re doing it – may have to at least think about it more than I have in the past. Plus? How romantic – an evening wedding …

  2. Cyndi on August 1st, 2008 7:56 am

    I hope you had a wonderful anniversary! I have not done anything with Twitter, but I will check it out, thanks!

    I do have my space for my ebay business!

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