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today: floor in our bedroom. no baseboards yet, but we do have floor. gorgeous cherry floor. the guys’ll be back friday. am still hoping, hoping, hoping to sleep in a real bed in our real bedroom sometime this weekend.

sometimes things don’t look too bad from far, far away but as you get closer, you see it’s a wee bit larger than you first thought ~~~ it’s true: things could be worse, but there’s just no way to get over this, or around this, or even through this – not comfortably or easily, at […]

after an agonizing week of remaining calm and open while trying to find suitable flooring, we found it! thursday we went to the place in franklin, n.c. where we’ve gotten other hardwood flooring only to be told they had discontinued what we were looking for. we considered other options, trekked to the local library to […]

we finally have internet access (don’t even get me started) (have been trying to become a comcast customer since 1/16/09). things have been moving incredibly, agonizingly slowly (especially for one who functions best in an orderly environment) as we wait on this one then that one. as we run into this roadblock and over this […]

alas, there was no miracle.

i have trouble staying in the lines. it’s something i’ve always wrestled with. i’m not talking about coloring (tho’ i have certainly had my share of angst with that) this time i’m talking about what you might call boundary issues. i don’t seem to know how to draw them, how to maintain them, how to […]

balance. even the cats have become sticky note reminders: