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i fall into a rhythm. . . eventually. i am reluctant to start projects, dreading the inevitable interruptions. what will someone need next? how long will i have before i am beckoned away? will i ever really finish? begin the way you intend, acey says. and so i begin. 84 small panes of glass. 3 […]

spent today furniture shopping. we’ve moving, you see – at least i think we’re moving. back in november we found this property that had me saying “ohhhh nooooo” and clutching my heart when we first turned onto the driveway. let me tell you, though: it’s been the most horrendous real estate transaction i’ve ever been […]

yesterday’s plan is history. too gimmicky, trying too hard to be clever i realized in the magical dark early hours this morning when it gelled: what i want is a way to commemorate days, not just chronicle them. a most important prerequisite, of course, is that there there be days worthy of commemoration . . […]

1.1: new. new beginning. new chapter. new start. long ago i began to start my new years on 9.1. as an educator and mother of school-age children, it just made sense. even when the school calendars began creeping up into august, i held firm to 9.1. i gave up on resolutions long, long ago because […]