repository for the occasional perambulatory rumination

waterfalls, a reminder of how storms in other places can have far-reaching effects colorful leaves, a reminder how it is possible for people of different backgrounds, ages, and experiences can come together beautifully hungry butterflies, a reminder to see opportunities to feast in what might look like complete chaos

it seems to me today that i do more than a little whining here, and i don’t really know why that is. maybe my writing digits seem enamored with the notion that to write something serious and touching and insightful means, well, it just sometimes comes out rather whiney. petulant. mealy mouthed, that’s all. and […]

yesterday befuddlement came to call, covering my life like kudzu and ivy covering trees till even their shape is barely recognizable: today befuddlement has retreated, allowing pathways to possibilities . . . roads that deliver to blurry, indecipherable destinations but, hey, at least there’s an opening:

i’m quite the independent person, a girl who Likes To Do Things Herself. usually. but this morning i’m pondering My Purpose In Life, and i declare: i wish somebody would just tell me. send me an email. give me a call. draw me a picture. i want to open up the mailbox to an envelope […]

cooking is a creative act (among other things), and while she may not paint or sculpt or draw, my mother – like her mother before her – EXCELS at cooking. (those who know her and read this blog are nodding their heads in agreement and saying aloud, “un huh. yes. that’s the truth.”) i did […]