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tonight at 7:30, i will have been married 35 years – to the SAME fantastical man – and that gives me such fodder for today: commitment; the role of space in togetherness; a place for everything; “like” v “love” – and is it really “v”; what is love anyway; growing together, growing separately, the infrastructure […]

we’d notice with amazement the birdfeeder on the ground, chortling about how huge the squirrel must’ve been to straighten out the iron hanger. then, while i sweep up and pick up, mr. thrillenity notices the strange markings on the tree asking slowly: could it be that a bear steadied against the tree with one paw […]

been doing much travel the past two months. spent 1 week riding shotgun in a big 16′ rental truck as we moved my boy from california to colorado. was told there was no time to stop for picture-taking . . . which is just as well cause had i been able to stop at will […]

we long to come here, to leave there as quickly as possible and stay here as long as possible. in the pre-departure frenzy, we envision ourselves here, basking on rocks in the sun to the tune of constant water on its way down to the lake. sleeping to the clock of our bodies. creating with […]

an interesting thing happened in my backyard as i worked inside to put a horrid incident of woman’s inhumanity to woman in perspective and ultimately to rest, and i didn’t even notice until just now as i sift, sort, and situate photos . . . tired of losing sleep and walking daily through utter and […]