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oh joy. oh bliss. oh rapture. today i leap back into the world of the positive as i share with you some Very Good News: in the past hour, i received an email from ebay notifying me that the star next to my name is now blue. yes, indeed. you are reading this from the […]

today i work on deconstruction, disassembling a piece that i am unhappy with without any idea what it will look like when i put it back together. as i work, pieces of another less tangible cloth also in process of being reworked become clear: it’s important to have recent pictures of loved ones – regardless […]

one day i’m gathering red clay for autoquiltography two, the next day i’m enduring a police search that spanned hours, days, eons. my daughter – my beautiful, talented, intelligent, messy daughter was missing. someone slipped a date rape drug into her drink, and the next thing she knew it was around 2 a.m. she called […]

i spent earth day collecting red clay from spots of earth where i grew up. the house my mom and dad built where i spent my baby days – the H can still be seen in the chimney. red dirt from the land where my doting grandparent’s house once stood. red clay from the yard […]

i have been worried of late that with changing hormones and all, i am becoming rather paranoid. maybe even a bit obsessive. but i breathe a sigh of relief as i type this because today – this very day – i prove to myself that such worry is absolutely un. unfounded and unwarranted . . […]

monday past: while continuing work on operation clear-out, happened upon the only surviving piece of clothing i wore as a baby: a teensy little corduroy jacket. washed it, dried it, hung it up as delightful reminder that i was ever once that small and reliant. tuesday past: obeying wake up thought to check decorative stitching […]

still struggling with low to no energy, and still attribute it to allergies. no fun, but am hoping to be able to put it behind me soon thanks to the generosity of laney who sent me some kefir grains along with detailed instructions. (she’s so funny: said it was like getting a new pet!) here […]

clay one

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it’s monday, so it must be pottery. brought home my very first completed clay creation. sure, there are novice flaws, distinguishing characteristics that i prefer to see through the lens of wabi-sabi, the japanese celebration of imperfection. the notion that an object with flaws is a work of art because the imperfections make it truly […]

won’t be long now. autoquiltography one is almost finished:

potter’s mark

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while being quiet, i upgraded to leopard, upgraded blog to wordpress 2.5 – both without incident, thank goodness, spent a week at the beach with my daughter, and i got my potter’s mark designed – at least i have a good start, knowing that it might change later. plus i learned a new photo editing […]

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