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reworked cup in the few minutes available tonight – the cup on the old-back-now-front/top side. added beaded saucer since granddaddy’s pet grandchild project was teaching us to sip coffee-flavored milk from a saucer. (i never acquired the taste for coffee. to this day, i don’t own a coffee pot.) leaving steam as is cause i […]

3 days of stitching stars – count them THREE days – of stitching over previous messy stitching, ripping and snipping out stitching then just now my boy and i decide we like the backside better. sigh. this is a plate in my dinner party, the one for my granddaddy ballard. though the star resembles a […]

So, here we are – hubby, chiclets, and me – at a conference in Vegas. Yesterday was nothing but one would-be informercial after another, slick willies all who used material and exercises peers and I used when I was on the professional speaker circuit back in the late 1990s. (I unpacked my bags to stay […]

stayed tucked in this weekend, the goal: to whittle down the mountain range of papers that are drowning me. yesterday i was relatively successful in that regard PLUS i almost finished the “base stitching” on autoquiltography one. spurred on by yesterday’s progress, spent today weeding out emailbox. i have been drowning in digital paper. started […]

most of us took grandmother’s quilting for granted as just something she did to “keep busy”. but when we held the first quilt up to be photographed, there was an audible collective inhale followed by the most exquisite silence. silence of respect and appreciation and love-in-a-new-light. after a while, my cousin said quietly, “She really […]

cataloguing my grandmother’s quilts has been a long-time pet project of mine, a WISP. we took these pictures in my backyard with owners holding them up for the camera. though the pictures aren’t “studio quality”, i think grandmother would’ve liked having them photographed outdoors with her children and grandchildren in the picture.

yesterday when i took a break in stitching on autoquiltography one, i trimmed the excess fabric and fray. everything looked nice, neat, orderly. today, after 2 hours of stitching, it appears i need to shave my legs (again). if only this was something i could market to the hair club.

My granddaddy’s sisters lived a l-o-n-g life, well into their 90s. Closer to 100. When the last of the 3 girls died, we found box after box after box protecting new-still-with-the-tags-on lingerie. Satins. Lace. Every color imaginable. Slips from the 1940s that were addictive to the touch. We found hundreds of boxes of Rexall brand […]

today i took a little trip down memory lane. while trying to make more room in my jeannedom closet, i rediscovered my rather impressive-if-i-do-say-so-myself assortment of day planners. daily organizers. calendars-and-more-in-a-notebook. if there’s a group out there for recovering accomplishment-oriented people and lovers of day planning/organizing systems, i’d sure like to know about it. you […]

well, i think there’s some improvement in my edging stitching. maybe not marked but definitely some. worked on it tonight during rehearsal for into the woods, and i think it’s finally all coming back to me. (i have 16 words – not lines but words – in tonight’s rehearsal page span, so there was plenty […]

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