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worked on more infrastructure stitching on autoquiltography l today. funny how this quilt (and others to follow) came as what i call a flash image because it (they) appeared to me out of the blue and quicker than a wink. for the imagination quilt i’m working on, however, the materials came first. i’m just “transcribing” […]

muscle memory is such a good thing. finally reacquainted with my sewing machine – the one i haven’t used in decades, the one with a bobbin in need of a refill. but i could not remember how to wind the bobbin. until finally i told my brain to shush and turned the job over to […]

deciding to work with what i have in order to satisfy hands that are restless and itching to get moving (everything still in nc), began work on found crewel piece. no thinking, i said, just selecting, cutting, joining. the why’s, if there are any, will bubble to the surface in their own good time. here’s […]

so i finally decide to trace those shadow branches i love so much, and turns out the housebound ham-cat loves them, too:

reading about choosing here at the red thread studio (scroll down to the post on 2/19 on pattern recognition) and lisa call’s articles on holding intention and christine kane’s talk of making a visualization board and the series on the secrets of wellbeing at good life zen led me right straight into a moment or […]

new old cloth

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my rediscovered crewel piece, created so long, long ago, has been keeping me company the past few days, sitting beside my computer on my old library table (that’s now my creative hub – it belonged to both of my grandmothers before me). when i was growing up, as they say, my mother worked outside the […]

so there i am, devoting several hours to capturing my bits of information and ideas that i’ve accumulated over the years onto index cards. it’s the next stage in writing that book: card the bits, clump the bits, then string the bits together into a book. it’s been my method of choice since that 7th […]

having a bit of a blueblah day here. left my sewing machine, fabrics, threads, and other creative fiber paraphernalia at j’underneath. was only going to be here for 2 busy, filled nights, so no need to haul it home. then the plans changed, and we stayed. had a rather lazy day today. phoebe (our corgi […]

Congratulations to the following folks who were selected by the Random Number Generator over at Violets Are Blue. If you ever need a fast, easy way to randomly select something, this is just the ticket. Now, drum roll please ’cause here are the winners: Jenna at Corgi Pants Laume at Beach Treasure Melissa at Altered […]

Well, I got to this party just in time. This, my pretties, is the 2nd annual One Heart One World event, a worldwide blogging giveaway from the creative well of one Lisa Oceandreamer who wanted a way to make the world a lot smaller by giving us a way to find each other and interact. […]

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