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so we went out this morning, phoebe and i, in search of 2 more perfect fallen sticks for my 2 unadorned windows in j’underneath. we walked down to our neighbor’s house, and phoebe, a welsh corgi (a herder breed by nature) apparently went to the corgi school that taught herding by leading: while i can’t […]

i have thoroughly enjoyed a day of nothing but nesting. been nesting my blog and nesting my nc space that is called (for right now at least) j’underneath. in j’underneath, i decorated one of the 3 windows. found a most attractive, beguiling fallen stick and mounted it at the top of my window. then i […]

As I look out the window (I took typing in high school, so I can type without looking at the keyboard – which is good and bad. Good cause it allows me to mentally multi-task. Bad ’cause it allows me to mentally multi-task.), this is what I see: I look at this rock, and I […]