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I left hotel room 203 today to give the housekeeping staff access. Andy’s at a meeting all day, and I’d seen a Chili’s restaurant on the way to the hotel yesterday, so I decided to hoof it on down for a bite to eat. It was most pleasant outside (the “it” being the weather), and […]

    Well, hello again. Welcome to my new web nest! My boy suggested that I move my blog from a free hosted site to my very own site – one that I have to pay for and tend to. It’s kinda’ like the difference between renting, where the owner fixes things when they wind […]

My daddy’s family, I’ve decided, have a definite bend towards what professionals call depression. And since I contain some of this blood and since I have felt flat for quite some time with the mere thought of emotion sapping what little energy I have, I’ve been doing some research on what professionals call depression. We’re […]