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I just want to know one thing: When did I become so practical? That was my waking thought this morning. When did I forget the way to the fiction section, even though I passed it every time on my way to the self-help books? When did I start buying black pants and multi-colored tops because […]

This morning I read about a recent study that declares the ability to recognize humor diminishes with age. And though I have no credible science background other than the fact that I took over our fifth grade science class (without pay) when the teacher proved unsatisfactory, I find myself wondering about the validity of this […]

I spent yesterday sifting through my cache of digital photos. Being a Maccie, I use iPhoto to store, amend, and share my photos. But I have so many of them, thanks to the fact that I take multiple snaps of something that catches my eye, and to make matters worse, I save all of them […]

At 4:51 a.m. this very morning some 29 years ago, my son Kipp was born. Or, as I like to say, he left one world for another, something that I was thrilled about – not just to hold my baby boy, but because as you can surely imagine: it was not much fun being hugely […]

“She didn’t love me,” the girl said emphatically. “She did love you,” the mother assured her daughter. “Maybe she didn’t express that love the way you wish she had, but she loved you nevertheless. How she showed her love falls in that other column of things you can’t control: you cannot control how someone demonstrates […]

Had my first clay date yesterday, made my first bowl. Weeks ago, I signed up to learn pottery from my friend Janet, then came the thunderstorms, car mishaps, and the unfortunate garage door scenario. But finally, yesterday, I made it to class. Janet* has a lovely studio in her backyard, her Virginia Woolf spot, her […]

As we rounded the curve, there it was: the perfect picture: a red gate in a field of Queen Anne’s Lace with a gray, weathered fence post on each end of the gate to hold it upright. There was no fence, just the gate and supporting fence posts, positioned at the bottom of the hill […]