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Mystery solved: a tree fell in the forest yesterday, and it made no sound. No sound at all. Of course I was in a car going 70 mph (the speed limit) with the windows up and the air conditioner on but not the radio – and we weren’t talking because I was tired from not […]

I just want to know one thing: Why is it so much easier to criticize than to compliment? Especially in a volunteer organization. Have you ever noticed how there are those who DO the work and those who “suggest and give feedback”. Yeah, right. Usually turns out that those “suggestions” and that “feedback” is nothing […]

She’s in there, teaching a workshop. The teenage girls sing. In front of people they don’t know. People they’ve never seen. How do they do that? Where do they find the courage? The confidence? One sings loudly. Flat. But still she sings. Without apology, without embarrassment. She sings. I’ve spent most of my life trying […]

Today must be Hilton Head Island, SC, where Alison and I chose to celebrate her 30th birthday (today). Yes, you’re right: it’s a tough, tough job, but somebody’s got to do it. We spent a goodly portion of the mid-day hours sitting between the volleyball court and the Tiki Hut Bar. (Have a new favorite […]

You tell the most profound things about yourself with silence . . . The two teenage couples were obviously enjoying a pre-prom dinner. When the girls went to the bathroom, both boys anxiously examined the contents of their wallets. They had been doing the math ever since encouraging their dates to order anything on the […]