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it’s been so long, i hardly know where to start. though i’ve missed blogging regularly (go here if you want to know why), after a while it became almost a dread. what would i say? there’s so much that’s happened – how do i choose? i created this blog to help me distill, clarify, and […]

So, here we are – hubby, chiclets, and me – at a conference in Vegas. Yesterday was nothing but one would-be informercial after another, slick willies all who used material and exercises peers and I used when I was on the professional speaker circuit back in the late 1990s. (I unpacked my bags to stay […]

today i took a little trip down memory lane. while trying to make more room in my jeannedom closet, i rediscovered my rather impressive-if-i-do-say-so-myself assortment of day planners. daily organizers. calendars-and-more-in-a-notebook. if there’s a group out there for recovering accomplishment-oriented people and lovers of day planning/organizing systems, i’d sure like to know about it. you […]

so we went out this morning, phoebe and i, in search of 2 more perfect fallen sticks for my 2 unadorned windows in j’underneath. we walked down to our neighbor’s house, and phoebe, a welsh corgi (a herder breed by nature) apparently went to the corgi school that taught herding by leading: while i can’t […]

i have thoroughly enjoyed a day of nothing but nesting. been nesting my blog and nesting my nc space that is called (for right now at least) j’underneath. in j’underneath, i decorated one of the 3 windows. found a most attractive, beguiling fallen stick and mounted it at the top of my window. then i […]

i have a deep, special affinity for this red georgia clay, and my daddy’s family has a branch of fairly well-known folk potters, so perhaps it was inevitable that i’d eventually get my hands muddy. i’ve spent the past several monday mornings claying together (my term for doing hand built pottery) with my friends amanda […]

I left hotel room 203 today to give the housekeeping staff access. Andy’s at a meeting all day, and I’d seen a Chili’s restaurant on the way to the hotel yesterday, so I decided to hoof it on down for a bite to eat. It was most pleasant outside (the “it” being the weather), and […]

Had my first clay date yesterday, made my first bowl. Weeks ago, I signed up to learn pottery from my friend Janet, then came the thunderstorms, car mishaps, and the unfortunate garage door scenario. But finally, yesterday, I made it to class. Janet* has a lovely studio in her backyard, her Virginia Woolf spot, her […]

Today I go to work with Kipp. Well, not to work as in Take Your Mama to Work Day, not as in go straight into his office and be introduced all around and stand by his desk while he rolls over the chair of Joe who’s out on vacation this week. No, I’m just riding […]

On the plane a man from India sat next to me. In the middle of 3 seats, me on the coveted aisle seat. I don’t have much luck with men from India. They treat me rudely, horribly rudely, and, I am told, I should not take this personally or as special treatment reserved just for […]

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