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i fall into a rhythm. . . eventually. i am reluctant to start projects, dreading the inevitable interruptions. what will someone need next? how long will i have before i am beckoned away? will i ever really finish? begin the way you intend, acey says. and so i begin. 84 small panes of glass. 3 […]

1.1: new. new beginning. new chapter. new start. long ago i began to start my new years on 9.1. as an educator and mother of school-age children, it just made sense. even when the school calendars began creeping up into august, i held firm to 9.1. i gave up on resolutions long, long ago because […]

i am big on self-reliance, though sometimes i talk about it more than i practice it. recently, however, i had the ultimate opportunity to date to practice self-reliance: i went flying in the wind tunnel in denver. my son (a nut) skydives regularly, and every thursday night finds him flying in the wind tunnel league […]

it seems to me today that i do more than a little whining here, and i don’t really know why that is. maybe my writing digits seem enamored with the notion that to write something serious and touching and insightful means, well, it just sometimes comes out rather whiney. petulant. mealy mouthed, that’s all. and […]

yesterday befuddlement came to call, covering my life like kudzu and ivy covering trees till even their shape is barely recognizable: today befuddlement has retreated, allowing pathways to possibilities . . . roads that deliver to blurry, indecipherable destinations but, hey, at least there’s an opening:

i’m quite the independent person, a girl who Likes To Do Things Herself. usually. but this morning i’m pondering My Purpose In Life, and i declare: i wish somebody would just tell me. send me an email. give me a call. draw me a picture. i want to open up the mailbox to an envelope […]

yes, nature is providing salve for my soul of late, helping me bring order to the chaos. today was a travel day, and once arrived, phoebe and i went straightaway for a romp outside – she to bury some tasty morsels for future snack attacks and me to nap on a rock in the sun, […]

sometimes if we quietly, tenaciously connect the knots, things begin to take shape . . .

today i took a little trip down memory lane. while trying to make more room in my jeannedom closet, i rediscovered my rather impressive-if-i-do-say-so-myself assortment of day planners. daily organizers. calendars-and-more-in-a-notebook. if there’s a group out there for recovering accomplishment-oriented people and lovers of day planning/organizing systems, i’d sure like to know about it. you […]

just a teensy little time to stitch today (so far) and nothing picture worthy as i’m still just stitching, stitching, stitching on what i call the basic, infrastructure level. next stage of unfolding on both works should start soon. stray thoughts that kept me company today when i shoved the ubiquitous work aside and began […]

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