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(note: this is what i suppose you’d call a cross-post in that i posted this very same bit on my other blog, i’m sure it’s probably not a nice thing to do, but it’s the first time i’ve ever done this, and well, i just had to today, you see. not only is this […]

b.c. (before computers) my system was rolodex cards. those little notched cards were my memory, my vault, my information storage system. i had boxes and boxes and still more boxes of rolodex cards, all neatly and logically arranged in categories – some duplicated for placement in more than one category. this past weekend we did […]

sometimes things don’t look too bad from far, far away but as you get closer, you see it’s a wee bit larger than you first thought ~~~ it’s true: things could be worse, but there’s just no way to get over this, or around this, or even through this – not comfortably or easily, at […]

after an agonizing week of remaining calm and open while trying to find suitable flooring, we found it! thursday we went to the place in franklin, n.c. where we’ve gotten other hardwood flooring only to be told they had discontinued what we were looking for. we considered other options, trekked to the local library to […]

1.1: new. new beginning. new chapter. new start. long ago i began to start my new years on 9.1. as an educator and mother of school-age children, it just made sense. even when the school calendars began creeping up into august, i held firm to 9.1. i gave up on resolutions long, long ago because […]

i am big on self-reliance, though sometimes i talk about it more than i practice it. recently, however, i had the ultimate opportunity to date to practice self-reliance: i went flying in the wind tunnel in denver. my son (a nut) skydives regularly, and every thursday night finds him flying in the wind tunnel league […]

i’m quite the independent person, a girl who Likes To Do Things Herself. usually. but this morning i’m pondering My Purpose In Life, and i declare: i wish somebody would just tell me. send me an email. give me a call. draw me a picture. i want to open up the mailbox to an envelope […]

cooking is a creative act (among other things), and while she may not paint or sculpt or draw, my mother – like her mother before her – EXCELS at cooking. (those who know her and read this blog are nodding their heads in agreement and saying aloud, “un huh. yes. that’s the truth.”) i did […]

tonight at 7:30, i will have been married 35 years – to the SAME fantastical man – and that gives me such fodder for today: commitment; the role of space in togetherness; a place for everything; “like” v “love” – and is it really “v”; what is love anyway; growing together, growing separately, the infrastructure […]

we’d notice with amazement the birdfeeder on the ground, chortling about how huge the squirrel must’ve been to straighten out the iron hanger. then, while i sweep up and pick up, mr. thrillenity notices the strange markings on the tree asking slowly: could it be that a bear steadied against the tree with one paw […]

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