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balance. even the cats have become sticky note reminders:

i fall into a rhythm. . . eventually. i am reluctant to start projects, dreading the inevitable interruptions. what will someone need next? how long will i have before i am beckoned away? will i ever really finish? begin the way you intend, acey says. and so i begin. 84 small panes of glass. 3 […]

spent today furniture shopping. we’ve moving, you see – at least i think we’re moving. back in november we found this property that had me saying “ohhhh nooooo” and clutching my heart when we first turned onto the driveway. let me tell you, though: it’s been the most horrendous real estate transaction i’ve ever been […]

1.1: new. new beginning. new chapter. new start. long ago i began to start my new years on 9.1. as an educator and mother of school-age children, it just made sense. even when the school calendars began creeping up into august, i held firm to 9.1. i gave up on resolutions long, long ago because […]

i go to church that one night of the year because i love the feeling that envelopes me when we close with “silent night” by candlelight. “silent night” is such a loaded song for me. it was daddy’s favorite christmas carol – and as a rule, daddy didn’t like anything about christmas – which was […]

i am big on self-reliance, though sometimes i talk about it more than i practice it. recently, however, i had the ultimate opportunity to date to practice self-reliance: i went flying in the wind tunnel in denver. my son (a nut) skydives regularly, and every thursday night finds him flying in the wind tunnel league […]

his and hers

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the lid of the practical toilet paper holder that holds up to 6 rolls of toilet paper without looking overly industrial in tone fell off and hit his toe. “oh,” i said with great empathy when he showed me the resulting cut and bruise on his pinky toe. “i think we need a new regular […]

after cleaning out the litterboxes, i am once again amazed at how much lighter the cats must become every day. it’s my routine to scoop out the litterboxes first thing every morning. i often ask myself “how masochistic can you get to start your day this way?” but i play the ole’ game that’s a […]

waterfalls, a reminder of how storms in other places can have far-reaching effects colorful leaves, a reminder how it is possible for people of different backgrounds, ages, and experiences can come together beautifully hungry butterflies, a reminder to see opportunities to feast in what might look like complete chaos

yesterday befuddlement came to call, covering my life like kudzu and ivy covering trees till even their shape is barely recognizable: today befuddlement has retreated, allowing pathways to possibilities . . . roads that deliver to blurry, indecipherable destinations but, hey, at least there’s an opening:

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