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i am big on self-reliance, though sometimes i talk about it more than i practice it. recently, however, i had the ultimate opportunity to date to practice self-reliance: i went flying in the wind tunnel in denver. my son (a nut) skydives regularly, and every thursday night finds him flying in the wind tunnel league […]

worked on 2 new pieces today, finished neither. this one is 4 layers: 2 of inkodye, 2 of acrylic: this one is 6 layers: 3 of inkodye and 3 of acrylic: Here’s the one i finished yesterday: not quite sure how i started out with bark and ended up with grasses and stacked stones. i […]

so glad heavy snow this morning didn’t keep me from going to the gym, or from going to this workshop led by the patient and talented ray pierotti in leisa rich’s fun, inspiring studio. working with inkodye (a photo synthetic dye), spray acrylic paints, and colored pencils, we applied numerous layers to untreated canvas. even […]