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sing it with me now (with apologies to gene autry): i’m back with a needle again. out where a friend meets a friend. where stitchin’ fingers feed on cloth and thread and bead, i’m back with a needle again. been through a bit of a drought of late. or maybe it’s just the periodic fallow […]

couldn’t take it any more, so ripped out all stitching on one plate at my dinner party. doesn’t look like very much, does it? was surprised at how long it took me to rip everything out – not as long as it took to put it in not once but twice, of course. how many […]

reworked cup in the few minutes available tonight – the cup on the old-back-now-front/top side. added beaded saucer since granddaddy’s pet grandchild project was teaching us to sip coffee-flavored milk from a saucer. (i never acquired the taste for coffee. to this day, i don’t own a coffee pot.) leaving steam as is cause i […]

3 days of stitching stars – count them THREE days – of stitching over previous messy stitching, ripping and snipping out stitching then just now my boy and i decide we like the backside better. sigh. this is a plate in my dinner party, the one for my granddaddy ballard. though the star resembles a […]

well, i think there’s some improvement in my edging stitching. maybe not marked but definitely some. worked on it tonight during rehearsal for into the woods, and i think it’s finally all coming back to me. (i have 16 words – not lines but words – in tonight’s rehearsal page span, so there was plenty […]

i don’t have any more sense than to show you the poor results of my edging efforts today. (it’s another piece for my dinner party series.) tomorrow will undoubtedly be dedicated to stitch removal and search for that ancient instructional book of stitches.

throughout my life, i have shared the table with many people who have nourished me. my maternal grandmother is one. she loved to cut grass, quilt, cook, preserve foods, make pickles, grow flowers, and enter cake contests. as a young woman, she attended college on a piano scholarship for one year before her father decided […]