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an interesting thing happened in my backyard as i worked inside to put a horrid incident of woman’s inhumanity to woman in perspective and ultimately to rest, and i didn’t even notice until just now as i sift, sort, and situate photos . . . tired of losing sleep and walking daily through utter and […]

throughout my life, i have shared the table with many people who have nourished me. my maternal grandmother is one. she loved to cut grass, quilt, cook, preserve foods, make pickles, grow flowers, and enter cake contests. as a young woman, she attended college on a piano scholarship for one year before her father decided […]

The Bedquilt

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“Of all the Elwell family Aunt Mehetabel was certainly the most unimportant member,” began Dorothy Canfield Fisher’s story called The Bedquilt. Aunt Mehetabel had never been married, and as the official old maid of the family, she lived with her brother’s family to help take care of the children, clean the house, grow, cook, and […]