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i am big on self-reliance, though sometimes i talk about it more than i practice it. recently, however, i had the ultimate opportunity to date to practice self-reliance: i went flying in the wind tunnel in denver. my son (a nut) skydives regularly, and every thursday night finds him flying in the wind tunnel league […]

after cleaning out the litterboxes, i am once again amazed at how much lighter the cats must become every day. it’s my routine to scoop out the litterboxes first thing every morning. i often ask myself “how masochistic can you get to start your day this way?” but i play the ole’ game that’s a […]

yesterday befuddlement came to call, covering my life like kudzu and ivy covering trees till even their shape is barely recognizable: today befuddlement has retreated, allowing pathways to possibilities . . . roads that deliver to blurry, indecipherable destinations but, hey, at least there’s an opening:

i’m quite the independent person, a girl who Likes To Do Things Herself. usually. but this morning i’m pondering My Purpose In Life, and i declare: i wish somebody would just tell me. send me an email. give me a call. draw me a picture. i want to open up the mailbox to an envelope […]

we’d notice with amazement the birdfeeder on the ground, chortling about how huge the squirrel must’ve been to straighten out the iron hanger. then, while i sweep up and pick up, mr. thrillenity notices the strange markings on the tree asking slowly: could it be that a bear steadied against the tree with one paw […]

we long to come here, to leave there as quickly as possible and stay here as long as possible. in the pre-departure frenzy, we envision ourselves here, basking on rocks in the sun to the tune of constant water on its way down to the lake. sleeping to the clock of our bodies. creating with […]

i’ll mix my food on my plate, but i have always been more comfortable with keeping my varied projects in separate containers. when i started this blog, it seemed the title was broad enough to umbrella everything a dabbler-girl such as myself could get herself into. and it is. but i know than when i […]

on a recent pocketbook-shopping expedition, i pondered this one, liking it for its color, its flexible sides, its roomy interior, its silver grommets, its various pockets and compartments. i liked the way it is always open and ready to take in more. then i spotted this one, liking it for its color, its compact size, […]

i have been worried of late that with changing hormones and all, i am becoming rather paranoid. maybe even a bit obsessive. but i breathe a sigh of relief as i type this because today – this very day – i prove to myself that such worry is absolutely un. unfounded and unwarranted . . […]

it comes upon me periodically, and just this morning it settled over me once again: the desire to be quiet. while doing research for the next day’s lesson plan in fifth grade science class (the teacher was ready to retire, so i just took over the class.), i learned that sounds never truly disappear, they […]

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