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i don’t know. i can’t explain it. it’s crazy – i know – but what’s a girl to do?.

time out for an adventure in the along. back 1/5/09ish.

an interesting thing happened in my backyard as i worked inside to put a horrid incident of woman’s inhumanity to woman in perspective and ultimately to rest, and i didn’t even notice until just now as i sift, sort, and situate photos . . . tired of losing sleep and walking daily through utter and […]

i’ll mix my food on my plate, but i have always been more comfortable with keeping my varied projects in separate containers. when i started this blog, it seemed the title was broad enough to umbrella everything a dabbler-girl such as myself could get herself into. and it is. but i know than when i […]

sing it with me now (with apologies to gene autry): i’m back with a needle again. out where a friend meets a friend. where stitchin’ fingers feed on cloth and thread and bead, i’m back with a needle again. been through a bit of a drought of late. or maybe it’s just the periodic fallow […]

oh my goodness. been stitching a lot with words lately – not just from desire, either. found myself stranded without thread, of all things. almost took some clothing apart yesterday in my withdrawal mania. but now, now i’m reunited with threads and ready to dive back into the world of stitching with/on cloth. been shopping […]

today, on mother’s day eve, i took refuge in the familiar land of bookmaking and accomplishment, creating a journal to accompany autoquiltography one. a container of irregular, asymmetrical pages wrapped in a placemat because table linens are the stuff of which all of my autoquiltography pieces are made lined in fabric that conjures images of […]

i spent earth day collecting red clay from spots of earth where i grew up. the house my mom and dad built where i spent my baby days – the H can still be seen in the chimney. red dirt from the land where my doting grandparent’s house once stood. red clay from the yard […]

monday past: while continuing work on operation clear-out, happened upon the only surviving piece of clothing i wore as a baby: a teensy little corduroy jacket. washed it, dried it, hung it up as delightful reminder that i was ever once that small and reliant. tuesday past: obeying wake up thought to check decorative stitching […]

won’t be long now. autoquiltography one is almost finished:

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